Screen Protector FAQ's

Screen protectors are the first line of defense for your phone. Still want to know more? Take a look at these questions most customers ask regarding screen protectors. 


  • Will it easily attract fingerprints?

It has an oleophobic fingerprint resistant coating and any fingerprints can be easily wiped off.

  • Will the screen protector affect sensitivity and 3D functions?

LK’s screen protector is highly touch sensitive and fully compatible with the iPhone’s 3D functions.

  • Why is the screen protector size smaller than my iPhone screen? Does it cover the whole screen?

Due to the iPhone's curved edges, the screen protector is designed to be smaller than the actual screen to prevent bubbling and peeling off. 

  • What is Tempered Glass? Why does it feel like plastic?

While it may feel like plastic it is not. Tempered glass has been reinforced for hours to increase the strength.Unlike regular glass tempered glass won’t shatter but fractures into small pieces.

  • Is it a lot thicker with the glass applied?

The thickness of the screen protector is only 0.3mm so it’s hard to notice it’s there. 

  • How do I get rid of air bubbles under the protector?

Before installing the screen protector please make sure to clean the screen and use the bubble remover after applying the protector. If there are still bubbles use your finger to press on the bubble for several seconds.

  • What if my screen protector breaks? 

If your screen protector breaks we will send you a replacement pack or issue you a refund.

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